I’m a beginner and have purchased several books and dvds that I thought were good until I purchased one of your lessons. Wow! Can’t put the Dobro down now!
Thanks, Carl Smithson

I just spent the afternoon watching and working through your “Fakin’ It With Rolls” video lesson.As usual, your explanations and video demo are crystal clear. Then, when I put on the picks and started practicing the rolls it was like a light bulb turning on!! The double thumb stroke on the front end of the forward roll was a GIANT AH-HAH moment. That one little move makes the notes literally roll off the finger tips in perfect time while creating space to accent melody notes and move between chord positions.The information that you have packed into the “Fakin’ It” lesson is the REAL DEAL!!Thanks for sharing the answer another one of life’s mysteries.


I went thru the “Scales” lesson (once). I really like the way you have dissected the harmonized G scale & demonstrated how the notes of each step’s triad work with each other. It is also immensely helpful to use your method of visualizing the fret board as the note groupings of the harmonized triads. As you state in the video, the “scales” video needs to be watched/studied several/MANY times & committed to stone cold memory. This info is SOLID GOLD !!
Thanks for the thought & effort that you put into “Scales” !!
John Gunn

Thanks! I really like the syncopation that you work into your lessons–I’ve done a bunch of Troy’s lessons and they’re very helpful, but missing the edge that your arrangements have.

Tad Smith


Hey Jimmy, I was one of your students at Sorrento BG Camp about 5 years ago I was just watching some of your web stuff and realized how much I got out of that week. Not just about playing dobro but about playing music in the bigger sense. I use the techniques on mando, dobro, lap and pedal steel all the time.
So thanks, you’re a truly great teacher.

Bob Hamilton

Jimmy i want you to know i own and have every dobro learning teaching book dvd etc that is on the market or has ever been on the market. And yours is the most informative i have ever seen and believe me i have them all. You have away of getting the info through to a person with out making it to complex jimmy you know there are good dobro players and there are good teachers out there but its hard to find one that can do both and that’s good at it. Well your that one that can and your the best at it that i have seen. And i enjoy your lessons thanks.
Bill Brown

Hi Jimmy. Just wanted to say thanks for your instructional materials. They make perfect sense to me, and that certainly can’t be said for much of what is floating around out there. I have played bass for 40 years and just became hooked on playing a square neck about 6 months ago. Also, thanks in large part to your stuff, I was able to hook up with some folks and just started playing out over the weekend. Can’t remember when I have had this much fun playing music! Thanks again!

Neal Hudson

Been watching your “How to Play Backup” DVD. Buddy, as a teacher, you really don’t have any competition. That’s some clear and well presented material. Sorry I don’t live any closer.

Brad Carr

Well one thing is FOR SURE..that every time I want to figure something out I go back to everything you ever said and methodically realize I CAN do it and HOW to go about it. This is some very liberating knowledge Jimmy!

Nancy Ickler

BEST 20 bucks I’ve ever spent!

Jerry McKinney

I just wanted to thank you for all the effort you put into helping reso players to achieve their goal, Your videos and teaching aids are a huge resource for all of us to continue on our journey to reso nirvana! On behalf of all reso players who have been influenced by your knowledge of the dobro guitar I say a huge Thank You for them and hope someday to meet you in person.

Tom Schmidt

I just got through the Scales lesson for the first time and it is by far the best instructional material I have ever used! Jimmy, you are a great teacher. (Coming from a career industrial teacher/trainer in a very high tech industry!) Clear, informative, at exactly the right level for those of us who need this basic information.

I’ve been playing guitar for over 40 years, and no one has ever made scales interesting or useful to me. I learned them and forgot them, playing solos by memory. I’ve only played dobro for a couple of years and am getting back to it after several years “layoff,” and this lesson has progressed my understanding (and playing!) more than all the information I’ve received before. Can’t wait to go over it again!

Thank you,
Warren “Skip” Toney
Essex Junction, VT

Hi Jimmy – just wanted to thank you for your site. I’m a long-time banjo and guitar player who picked up the reso last year and have been smitten…I just got your Scales lesson and the lightbulb finally went off on a lot of concepts that never registered. As you described from your experience with Bill Keith, I’ve tried to read and study and ‘get’ the scales, notes, triads, etc. a few times and it’s never made a lot of sense and typically flew over my head as well.

Your instruction and teaching technique is great and it ‘resonates’ with me. I’ve always played banjo mostly by ear or mimic/mod per my roll tendencies and knowing chord positions but not so much music theory or truly understanding scale structures.

Joe Abercrombie

I have been working on the reso for about 1 ¾ years. Up until earlier this year I was downloading lessons off the Bluegrasscollege org site.  Great stuff! But I seemed to be missing some fine details on how to control this instrument.

I got word about your method from some discussion forum posts contacts from the Reso Hangout. (That is also a cool site).  I downloaded  your  “Common mistakes and how to fix them”, the scales and how to use them, and some of the tunes.

Wow!  This really helped me find out what the heck some of my problems were.

I can tell by the quality of presentation and the level of detail, you have put your soul into helping us  out here. These lessons are more than the tunes, you are explaining the magic of what happens and what needs to happen to voice this instrument.

Dang, your material is some of the best of what I have seen.

Many thanks! My wife thanks you too, as now this instrument is  sounding like something here in the cave.

Best Regards.
Rick Bertalan
Norton Shores, Michigan

Thank you Jimmy.

I just want you to know how much I appreciate your playing and teachings. You are very gifted in both. You make learning resonator guitar fun and much easier than other instruction I have purchased on line. You add invaluable insights throughout each lesson, things I just haven’t heard elsewhere. I am addicted to your lessons.

Thank you for the effort you put into every one. Please add more when you have the time.

Warmest regards, John

I’m a beginner and have purchased several books and dvds that I thought were good until I purchased one of your lessons. Wow! Can’t put the Dobro down now!

Thanks, Carl Smithson

You may get tired of hearing this, but I’m another new student who is learning with your help and very happy. I’ve had my instrument for about 2 years and never got much beyond sliding into some chords. I have played bass guitar for years in country church bands and have always loved the reso sound, but never knew anybody who played. I got my instrument for Christmas and gave it all I could, without much progress. I then found you on YouTube, downloaded “Scales” and sent for “From Scratch” and “Back Up”. I’ve now spent several hours with you and am making great progress and having a lot of fun.

Thanks so much for giving of your talents and time to help us. I will continue to order more lessons from you as I get the current ones in hand, (although I have this strange compulsion to order “100 Licks”) I want to get the foundation laid in first.

Again, thanks so much! Carl Beck


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  1. Hey jimmy I am a songwriter and would like to ask if you do dobro work for folks like me. I have listen to some of your videos and I like your style. I have some I am working on now that I would like your opinion on if this is something you are interested in. Thanks Joe Broadway and yes that is my name. I get asked that all the time.

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