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Here’s where you can share your progress and discuss with fellow reso climbers. Jimmy responds to questions and song suggestions here too.

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  1. Hey all.
    I’m looking for general impressions of the Republic Miniolian. I noticed it’s a guitar that’s sold on this website. It isn’t stocked at any music stores near me, so I can’t actually get my hands on one. What I like about it is that it seems like it is a portable-sized guitar that has good projection and tone and has a fretboard made for adult hands. I don’t play any slide(yet) but I do a lot of country/blues/rag fingerpicking often with a thumb pick and metal fingerpick. I haven’t played a lot of resonators, but am interested in getting into them. I can’t think of any specific questions about the Miniolian but any general impressions would be great.

    1. Jon….Thanks for asking.
      It’s a great low priced guitar that gives you authentic Delta sound.
      It’s made great and solid. NOT A TOY.
      They are set up in Texas and they come out of the box ready to play slide of finger style. I have recorded with it a bunch.
      I only sell products that I actually use and stand behind.
      It’s a keeper brother!!!

  2. G’day Jimmy, a couple of requests that could use the JH treatment for you to consider please!
    Ray Price – “City Lights”
    Linda Ronstadt version of Mike Nesmiths’ – “Different Drum”
    I’m lovin’ the Faded Love & currently working on I Fall to Pieces ATM
    Cheers from Oz! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Allen… Glad to hear another person from Oz is learning to play the Dobro. I’ve been enjoying/learning from Jimmy’s lessons for 5 years now and have learnt heaps. What part of Oz are you from? I’m from Nelson Bay NSW. Regards Craig (Lanky) Townsend.

        1. Hi Jimmy – yes I noticed that you had changed it, and I’m glad you liked it and took it on board. If you need any other Graphic Design help please let me know. Regards Lanky (from DownUnder)

  3. Hi Jimmy. Good selection of new songs.

    I’ve learned to play a basic version of Flat Lonesome. Rob Ickes does a variation up in the higher scale which sounds great. I was wondering if you have something in a similar vein that you could teach us.


    1. Jules…..thanks for writing. That’s a good idea!
      I can’t teach exactly what Rob did because that’s his living and I don’t want to step on his fabulous toes. ๐Ÿ™‚
      BUT…I can teach the notes and pockets that he is using. We all use the same notes.
      I have a bunch of lessons in the pipe line but I will get to this soon.

    2. Hi Jules…That’s a good idea. Rob is doing a solo rather than a variation. Till I can get to it you might want to check out my Truefire course on Blues Dobro.
      I cover the scales and positions Rob is using in the key of A.

  4. Jimmy – recently downloaded the Dobro Handbook and the Essential Blues courses from TrueFire. Really enjoying your approach to teaching.

    A question on the G Major Scale video: you mention an “example 11a diagram”, implying that it’s a tab or a chart that should have been included with the lesson. Can’t find any reference to it in the data folder. Can you clarify, please?


        1. Also, some one requested Home Sweet Home on the forum. I would like to see Remember Me. Not the way Oswald did it, but more inspired by the way Alan Munde did it on the Banjo Sandwich album.

    1. Hey Jack….
      Been cooking up stuff here at the “Fortress of Solitude”.
      What would you like to see at the advanced level?
      I try to put out lessons that appeal to the greatest number of players. Sometimes a suggestion hits the mark and sometime people suggest pretty obscure songs. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t nice or cool it just means 3 days of work and one person buys the lesson. OUCH !!!!!

  5. Hey Jimmy,

    Really nice version of Maria Elena youโ€™ve worked up there. Iโ€™ll be onto it next week plus a couple more now that I have new faster broadband connection due to be activated very soon.

    I dips me lid to Charles โ€œLankyโ€ Townsend whoever he may be ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Cheers, Daryl

  6. Hope you don’t mind Jimmy but while I was waiting for a response I was browsing youtube and came across this with you and Joe. Man does that music bring back a lot of good times! Hope everyone enjoys:)

    1. Don’t mind at all . Do you see the bus they are dancing on? I rode over a million miles in that bus.
      That was done in Dallas at an airport hanger. Lasts 3 minutes but they take at least 12 hours to shoot it ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi All,
    I was wondering if anyone has bought the band in a box from Jimmy? I have been eyeing this down for a while now but its a lot of cash and afraid it will be to complicated. If anyone or Jimmy has any feedback that would be great! My finger is itching to push continue and pay on paypal lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. BIAB will do soooo many things. We just need it to do the simple things like play the chords to the song and change speeds. All, ALL very simple to learn and use daily .
      The only thing you have to fear is…..fear itself! Hey, I have to remember that!!!!!!

  8. Howdy Everyone!! I hope your Holy-days are enjoyable and memorable this year. As 2014 winds down I have chosen to learn In My Life. Jimmy your arrangement is simply beautiful! Thank you for all you do for us. Happy New Year to us all!

    1. Jim
      I too am interested in a lesson with tabs and words for Papa Don’t Play The Dobro Anymore by Tut Taylor. Its on YouTube but not anywhere else that I can find. The Flatt & Scruggs song is different. If you can work up a lesson on the Tut Taylor song I would be among the first to buy it. Nancy, do you want the Tut Taylor song or the Flatt & Scruggs song?

      1. Hi Jim,

        One of the Jim’s was asking for a lesson โ€œWhen Papa Played the Dobroโ€ by Tut Taylor.
        What ever song you teach, either Tut Taylor, Flatt and Scruggs or your own version. I for sure will buy a lesson


  9. Love to learn Waltz Across Texes! How about Daddy don’t play the Dobro anymore.
    I am playing with a group of friends who need a Dobro player really bad. I Sure do appreciate all your lessons!!!! I have played a few songs I have learned from your lessons. They like Foggie Mountain Rock the best.
    I also purchased Dobro Handbook. It’s fantastic!
    Oh Thank You for the CD it’s Great.

        1. who in the heck has time to sleep with all this to learn?? ๐Ÿ™‚
          I’m in with Waltz Across Texas
          I am excited to learn Deep River Blues Jimmy and I ain’t skeered of that reverse slant!!

        2. Well it looks like I can sell 2 of “waltz’ ๐Ÿ˜‰
          I guess I’ll give it a shot and see. Maybe if you get your neighbors to buy it also I can make it work.
          Thanks Nancy….Deep River is fun to play!!

  10. I love your version of Crazy, so I bought the lesson and after a couple of months can play it reasonably well.
    I’ve always wanted to learn ‘Little Rock Getaway’ on dobro. Do you think this might be a future lesson?

  11. Will be there any new lesson? What about lick lesson metioned below? I’m interesting in Banks Of Ohio and Home Sweet Home. Is it possible download your old DVDs and CD Dobro, or should I order “hard copy”? Thanks

  12. Since I’m making a nuisance of myself today anyway, I’d like to nominate “Silver Bells” for a Christmas song – I bet you could do it up real purty with harmonics etc.

  13. By the way, looking at your DR string offers: The heavy upper set sounds interesting, but you say you use the light tops on your MA6 I have an MA 6 so are you recommending the light rather than the heavy tops?

  14. Blues in E: Hi Jimmy – Have just been revisiting Blues Stay Away from Me, with new appreciation for the tasty arrangement, especially that solo!!!! A lot of guitar players of course go to E for blues; I suppose you could capo up two and use D licks, but I for one would love to see a lesson on E blues without the capo. Just something to add to our with list.
    Have a terrific holiday, Jimmy, with best wishes for many more years of healthy, happy playing and showing us how it’s done on the Reso!


  15. Hi Jimmy

    Have you given any thought to doing another 100 licks dvd as a followup to the first one?
    The first one became my favorite learning dvd when I want to improvise on a tune or just put it in and
    spend an enjoyable hour picking with you.

    I’m sure you could come up with some more really cool licks to give all of us our fix! LOL

    1. .Hi Jack,
      Thanks man, I glad you are getting so much out of the DVD. I have thought about doing a follow up and now I’m really thinking about it. would it be all the same to you guys if I did it as 25 lick sections for download ?
      The DVD seems to be a thing of the past although I sell sell a lot of them, thanks to everybody on here.
      Everybody chime in here if you have time
      THANKS !

      1. Hi Jimmy

        Thanks for the reply. I’m happy to hear that you have a follow up in mind.

        For me personally, the bite-sized 25 licks download would be a great idea.
        It’s just enough to have a good learning session without going into overwhelm.
        Also great for locating that killer lick (without searching through 100 for that special one),
        great for organization of categories, such as “G Licks”, “Bluesy D Riffs”,
        “Awesome A Phrasing”, “Rob Ickes Favorite Go-To Licks”, “Jimmy’s Beat Down
        That Fiddle Player Solo’s”, etc..

        You’re right about the DVD thing. They make good coasters for drinks and potpourri.


  16. During your explanations in the videos, could / would you explain a little more on music theory please. Such as, In chords as Bb , obvious Bb is the 1; but what are the 4/5 of this chord ?? Do I continue to use the standard formula to find these? I have heard somewhere that the first and fourth are flatted but the 5th is Ma. Possibly cover difference between dominant 7th etc..
    Your experience is obvious along with the slightly more detailed theory it will be stellar.
    If this type of information is presented (on the side as a consumer), we can then have that mental picture of the concept allowing those of us to move forward knowledgebly.

    Thank you so much, Jim Costi

    1. Hi Jim….You may be a bit mixed up on the theory thang.
      When we speak of the chord PROGRESSION of the chords. It is then that we need to know what the 1, 4 and 5 chords are in say in Bb . Those chords would be Bb (1) Eb (4) and F (5)
      When we speak of the notes within a chord say Bb again it is then we spell out the chord in terms that relate to the root of the chord or distance from the root note. Again a Bb chord is Bb (1) D (3) and F (5)

      So there are two different ways we use numbers, in chord spellings and in chord progressions. A Bb chord will always be spelled as 1 3 and 5 ( From the root note Bb) no matter if you are playing in Bb or in G.
      In G a Bb would be a b3 in the chord PROGRESSION and still contain the same notes (Bb D and F).
      A Dominate 7th is note added to the 1 3 5 major chord or 1 b3 5 of a minor chord that is one whole tone down from the octave of the root. So in G add a note that is down a whole tone (2 frets) down from the high G. You then have a G (1) B (3) D(5) plus F ( dominate 7th or flat 7)
      Can be confusing I know. Fool with it a bit and see if becomes clear and let me know if I can help

      1. Not hard to play Jimmy. The ‘difficulty’ factor is in getting the embellishments smoothly and just letting this one flow. These are the techniques that just take time and repetition (wonder who told me that). I play this song every day just because it is so pretty and I want to play it super smooth someday.

  17. Dr. Heffernan – This isn’t a reply, but I couldn’t figure out how to start a new thread. My question: Are you still using your Daddy Slide, and if so, do you recommend them? My wife and I are celebrating our silver wedding anniversary, and she asked would I like anything made of silver? And I said, well, there is one thing….. As I recall there are several styles – do you have a preference?


    1. Hi, My daughter tried to get me one of those for Fathers Day but there were none available at the time.
      German silver contains no silver, it is an alloy made of nickel,copper and zinc.


        1. Hey Jimmy,

          Really nice version of Maria Elena you’ve worked up there. I’ll be onto it next week plus a couple more now that I have new faster broadband connection due to be activated very soon.

          I dips me lid to Charles “Lanky” Townsend whoever he may be ๐Ÿ˜‰

          Cheers, Daryl

  18. Jimmy,

    What gives on the strap you demoed on the Blackberry Blossom lesson? I have looked all over the internet and can’t find hide nor hair of it. So I’ve got the following questions:
    1. How does the stability of the guitar compare using the new strap vs. the old?
    2. Does the loop get in the way when you need to do harmonics?
    3, Does it come with a quick release on the headstock?
    4. Any idea on cost?


    1. You can reach Janet Peters at 580 475 0145
      Very stable if no more so
      The loop does get in the way for Harmonics
      It come with a quick release
      No idea of the cost Nelson
      Janet can fill you in she also offers it a nylon version

  19. Crazy is just way too cool – now I’ve got pressure to learn the other lessons so I can get going on this!
    On a seperate note – I listen to a lot of blue highway, and it seems that Rob Ickes is doing a lot of things in the key of B without a capo. Additionally, a lot of bluegrass singers that I meet like to sing in B and I hate the sound of the capo that far up the neck to get to open G position. Any chance of getting either a song or just a lesson with some B licks – anything that would cover a I, IV, V chord progression or even with the minor VI would be fantastic…

    Ivan Guernsey and I are still trying to get back together and I was going to bring it up with him, but I would love to get your take on it also.


      1. You can reach Ivan Guernsey at 812-595-8480 – I’m sure he would love to hear from you. And for anyone else reading this – if you are interested in a great resonator give Ivan a call. He builds some good ones…

  20. Hi Jimmy: While snowed in in Boston this past weekend, it occurred to me what a great lesson “Crazy” would be. Wonderful tune, interesting changes, and I bet you’d find some really cool way to arrange it! I’m just a voice in the crowd, but maybe others would enjoy it too.
    All the best

    1. I think Crazy would be a great addition…however, you’ve put out so many great lessons I am wayyyyyyyyyyy behind…Roly Poly is just filled with great licks to steal…

    2. Crazy is a great idea….It’s always been fun for me to play on the steel and guitar.. The big question would be should I do it in the key it was done originally, Bb ? Would that be tough for the guys you play with to back you up on ?
      Or should I play it a jam friendly key ?

          1. Boys I decided that I couldn’t live with myself if I changed “Crazy” from it’s original key of Bb.
            Every female singer sings it in Bb. It will be good for you to play more in Bb without a capo.
            It’s been my experience that you should always learn stuff in the real key. Then transpose from there.
            I think I’ll record the video this Friday. Should be fun

    1. Thanks…That’s “Girl From The Heights” The last track on the Resocasters project Ii did with Mike and Hal Rugg. That track is Mike and I sitting facing each other playing two Weissenborn’s live. That is take number 2. One of my favorite memories.

  21. Jimmy,
    Just got through the “man of constant sorrow” lesson over the holidays and it is fantastic. I’ve started on Roly Poly and really love the solos (full of great licks to steal…). As much as I enjoyed the holidays the news of Mike Auldridge’s death really hit me hard. I got the opportunity to speak with him at the Dallas show last year and spent as much time as I could just soaking up his playing and being amazed by his technique. As great a player as he is his friendliness and warmth to everyone he met overwhelmed me. I can’t imagine the sadness you guys must feel that were close to him. Truly he was a legend and inspiration to all who met him.

  22. Jimmy – The faking it with rolls lesson is a wonderful thing. Swiss army knife for the reso. The forward-backward roll combo is worth the price of admission!
    What will part 2 be – different key?

  23. I got your resocasters CD the other day and was listening to all of those great tunes. While I was fiddling with some of them, I thought how helpful it would be to get some lessons in different keys (mainly E since that seems to be one of the keys played fairly often on the cd). I pulled up your site and looked at the new lessons and there was one in the key of Bb! You might want to start advertising your ability as a psychic in addition to resophonic sherpa…
    Thanks for the lessons,

  24. Hey JH: That new B-flat lesson is going to be great – just listened a couple times and will definitely pony up for it. Playing in that register with some open strings brings a whole new sound to the dobro, to my ears – especially after so much G, D, and C. This will be a must have!


  25. Hey Jimmy, I ‘m 500 miles from home on vacation and just got the chance to look at the Great Speckled Bird lesson. It’s really a pretty song. Keep em coming Jimmy!
    Carl Smithson

  26. Hi Jimmy,

    I was working with Where I’ll Take My Rest this morning which I LOVE! But at the end of this lesson and many of your lessons there is a reso tune playing while the credits are rolling. What is that tune?


    1. I don’t know. use several tunes from a CD that I have been working on that’s not out yet. I think it must be from that. Is it fast or slow ? Believe it or not I don’t have an easy way to watch video’s from a while ago. They get deleted. I can watch the new one’s that are still on my computer.Can you tell me what key it’s in ?

      1. hmm what key is a great question..more like one I would be asking you ๐Ÿ™‚
        The song begins with a syncopated low G followed by D slide down to C-I think. It plays at the beginning of the video and the end. I’m sure it’s on some of your other ones as well. it’s slow. Almost like it could be a waltz. Geez Jimmy, now I need to go back and listen better.

          1. Yes! That’s the tune. Thanks Jimmy. When will we get to enjoy this CD? I have Resocasters and love it! We get to hear you in lessons but it would be really nice to hear more of you. Just sayin’….:)

  27. Just one last comment…My big problem was keeping the left hand fingers together….looked like I was catching a basketball….A rubber band around the middle, ring, and small finger did the trick….Looks kinda strange…but does the trick….What a dufference…

    Thanks Again Jimmy!

  28. Jimmy, just purchased your Dobro Handbook! WOW I have learned more in a week, than the entire last year. The lessons are fantastic!
    My Dobro is not a “Wall Hanger” anymore thanks to You!
    I was doing everything wrong…..After the course, it actually sounds pretty good! What a difference!


    1. Cool Tom !!!! Thanks, That;s what I was going for.:)
      Stuff is not that hard to play when you do it right. I hope you have many many hours left learning from the Handbook.
      Thanks for posting….you’re making me look good !!

  29. Jimmy,
    As I’ve told everyone I know – your lessons are fantastic. I just started playing this year and what impresses me the most is your songs provide so many techniques and licks that can be used in all kinds of songs. I think I have downloaded around 9 lessons (6 of them songs) and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. The only one that disappointed me a little was Angeline the Baker. It was great to get the melody down, but I was hoping for some more “Jimmy” (ie. Nelson slang for hot licks) like all the other lessons I have downloaded (btw – Reuben was chock full of “Jimmy”!!!). I am already planning my next set of lessons but thought I would put out some suggestions for future ones:
    1, Maybe a 6 string version of Stompin at the Savoy
    2. Wheel Hoss
    3. Standard tuning Jerusalem Ridge
    4. Maybe a lights out cool rendition of Maiden’s Prayer
    5. Bending notes behind the bar – I think I’ve figured out the basics but getting some cool licks would be great.

    You are the best. Money well spent.

    1. Nelson,
      Thanks for the cool post bud. Angeline the Baker is not really the type of tune you would lick out on. The melody is so strong that people tend to play it without jazzing it up. Sorta like “Old Time” music where you would get thrown out of a jam for playing anything off the melody. I could be wrong but that’s my take.

      I already have a few of your song suggestions on the list. Stomping at the Savoy at the Savoy might be fun but pretty hard. I’ll check it out. I do try to put out stuff that’s interesting, full of technique, and playable for most amount of players as possible. So if something is too difficult I’ll stay away from it.

      Jerusalem Ridge is on the list as is Maiden’s Prayer.
      Thanks Nelson, I’ll keep makin em if you guys keep buying them !

  30. Hey guys!
    I’m Ken from North Carolina and I just got my first vidoe lesson today. Great job, easy to follow and understand. I mostly like to play gospel music, but love the dobro sound in any style. How about a rendition of “Flat Lonesome”?

  31. Hi,I’m a beginner and have purchased several books and dvds that I thought were good until I purchased one of your lessons.Wow! Can’t put the Dobro down now! Thanks

  32. Congratulations Jimmy and WebGuy on the fantastic new look and Happy Birthday to “”. Everything is so stream lined. Well done!
    It just keeps getting better and better around here! Keep the twangs and cool sounds rollin’ in!!!

  33. Hey Resonators…Hope you enjoy the new & improved! ๐Ÿ™‚
    We’ve updated our look, ours servers and our checkout to make getting your lessons easier. Please keep the comments & suggestions coming here on the forum. (I just put the old comments on pages so you don’t have to scroll so far to leave one) and keep on resonating!


    1. WOW Web Guy and Jimmy! ๐Ÿ™‚ this looks awesome!
      I always looked on the download process as an adventure and Gregg you ALWAYS made sure I didn’t get lost!! Fun times! ~n~

  34. Hi Jimmie,

    The tune “Jamborie” was first recorded by Josh Graves and then by Mike Auldridge. I really like Mike’s version. Is there any chance you could make a lesson of that one? There is no tab for his version anywhere that I can find.

    Kindest Regards, Matthew

    1. Matt,
      That’s a good one. I’m just afraid that not enough of the folks here are aware or interested in that one. It takes 2 solid days to make and edit one of these lessons. So I have to have a pretty broad appeal to keep the wolf from the door. If there are any of you guys reading this and think that would be a good lesson (that you would buy) please chime in

  35. Mike, Here I am again ! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I only teach the G major scale in the first chapter of the Scales lesson. It’s not a lesson to teach you major scales but rather a lesson to show you how to lay them out on the fretboard and how to Use them over common chord progressions. Once you learn the patterns for the G scale any other scale follows the same pattern if you move the pattern. So for example, if you want to play in the key of A, just move the G pattern up 2 frets.
    In case folks have trouble doing that I recorded Major Scales and HTUT 2 where I took the G pattern and moved it to the key of D.
    Hope that helps. It’s a real eye opening lesson that all the major players know and use. Ever see someone playing around the 9th fret over a G chord. The answer is in this lesson.

  36. Jimmy one question I forgot to ask in the other email:
    I believe there are several major scales but it seems only selected and prefered ones are regularly played in on the resonator guitar so to help me here, (I’m honestly and seriously considering to purchase your lesson on scales and how to use them) the question comes to me…. besides “G” what other major scales do you include in the lesson, I’m not trying to be difficult it is a topic I’m very interested in while I try to learn this instrument.
    thanks again for your time,
    Mike McDonald

  37. Thanks Jimmy for the response. I can appreciate what your suggesting about slowing down that’s a major fallback I have anytime I practice and then attempt to play a tune completely through. Now I have that to work on as well as finding 4 other dobro players in Rhode Island. I read about one individual that goes by the name of Capt. Bob…. havn’t met up with him yet, I’ve contacted him and hopefully sometime towards the end of April; other than that …that’s about it. But I’m a new comer to the wonderful world of resonators. If you know of anyone in particular let me know. And again thanks again for responding I was sorta shocked if you actually would and also thanks for the sound advice. I motivated!!
    All the best ….M

  38. Thanks Corry,
    That makes me smile. I try to teach so that people understand what I’m teaching and also get the deeper info also.
    You’re the best !
    See you on Skype ans Bill on Saturday.
    I won’t forget ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Ruben is the best! Thanks so much Jimmy, for the fabulous lessons! It’s fabulous being able to rewind you ad infinitum – the song that never ends! You give so much detail and every rewind is a winner!

  40. Mike…..the first lick is hard. That lick was the first thing that Jerry Douglas played that turned the Dobro world upside down.
    He continues to come up with new ones today. I sometimes call it the “Million Dollar Lick” meaning that it made Jerry’s career take off.


    The way Jerry used his right hand is what changed everything. That lick was played by Josh and Mike but with hammer ons and pull offs. Jerry took the hammer ons out of it and the rest is history.
    I’d love to get up to RI for a workshop…just get 5 guys together and I’ll be right up.

  41. Welcome Mike !
    You build speed by getting all the small pieces of the lick SLOWLY into your muscle memory. I say slowly because you need to put it in your MM as relaxed as you can. If you put it in relaxed your muscles remember that feeling and as you gradually bring up the tempo and they stay relaxed. If you look at me playing fast stuff or anyone else it doesn’t look like it’s hard or I have to tense up to do it. That’s how I or better yet my hands learned to do it. Slowly…then gradually each week bring up the tempo in very small increments. After years of doing this your hands will know what to do and you will not have to start at zero every time you learn a new lick.
    Bottom line…practice slow and solid, your playing will sound relaxed and solid. Practice at he edge of your ability and you will sound like you’re playing at the edge of your ability.

    I use the Logitec C 910 HD webcam. Really nice ! You can find it online for $70 or under.

    Lap steel on a changing table ? Why don’t you put it on your lap ?

  42. Just started 100 licks and the 1st lick is a killer how can I get my speed up to yours Whew…… No matter how much I practice it I’m still challenged. The licks are a lot tougher compared to the Reso from scratch CD. I appreciate them both. This is my 1st time making a comment and second time on your site. Thank-you for everything. BTW when are you ever going to make it up to or sorta near to Rhode Island for a workshop.
    All the best

  43. Jimmy, I’m considering signing up for your True Fire video course. I’ll need to get a webcam first. Is there a model or type that is recommended?

    Maybe I can place my lap steel on the baby changing table next time I sit in with my friends band, then I can easily switch between instruments….

  44. Thanks Richard, I was happy to hear that bud. Those licks are used all over the place by Rob , Jerry, Randy etc.
    It’s really worth whatever time you have to put into it to get those licks in your head.
    Thanks again !!!

  45. Hey Everyone,
    I’m send out a blast to let folks know that the Bluegrass band I play with, Stone Mountain Road, is playing at the Mexican Food Factory
    601 W Route 70, Marlton, NJ 08053
    On Tues Jan 17 at 8 PM till 10 or so
    We hope to make this great restaurant our monthly home so a good showing on the 17th will go a long way to helping us set down some roots and have place to play Bluegrass in South Jersey.

    We’re looking forward to seeing everyone there !
    Thanks everyone,

  46. New video up today folks !!!!
    Matthew…the Scales lesson comes in two parts inside of one download. You should see “part 2.M4V” inside of your download.
    In other words the Scales lesson is split in two parts for one lesson.
    There is another lesson called “Scales Part 2” that is a separate lesson and purchase.
    The tab is the tef file. You missed that you have to download the free viewer to open it. Here’s the kink from the top of the download page you missed
    tablature file (.tef file download free viewer here
    Thanks !

  47. Hi Jimmy, I downloaded “Scales And How To Use Them”, but am having problems opening the TEF file, which I guess are the tabs. Also; in the second download (part two), is there supposed to be another associated video (part 2) included? I am not a real computer whiz (kinda old y’know), but would love to get better in the scales department. Got the pickn’ addiction a bit late in life, but thankful for your presentation. Never too late to enjoy learning.
    Thanks much, Matthew

  48. Just thought I’d wander down to the bottom of this page & take the opportunity to wish you all a very merry festive season and a safe and prosperous New Year.



  49. I’ve had my emailed attacked. I received over 29000 spam emails in the last 12 hours.
    If you have emailed me in the last 12 hours or if you try to contact me in the next few days and don’t hear back from me within a day, I’ve not received your email.
    Please bear with me and we’ll get this fixed.

  50. Ashokan Farewell:
    The video and tabs say this is played in open D. If you play along with the video it appears that this is in open G. Unless I am missing something, open G seems to be the real tuning

  51. Been pretty busy folks..sorry. Up next is Will The Circle Be Unbroken and Man of Constant Sorrow. 2012 is going to be great, keep on suggesting songs ! Holiday stuff has me running around a bunch doing Christmas shows so I’ll try to get some more up before Christmas but it may be tough.
    Thanks SO much for all your support this year everybody. I really appreciate it more than you know.

  52. Hi Jimmy! Still having a blast learning to play. The lessons work very well for me, am making progress all the time. The beginner dvd’s common mistakes, and Amazing Grace lessons are great. Thanks again!!

  53. The Scales and How to Use them is GREAT! and gives me confidence that I did not have. What I’m wondering is this: Would you make a video lesson on how to play in an actual jam? By this I mean start a jam and stop and tell me what I should be doing at that point. playing or listening? what I should be playing. I have never played in a jam and that is one reason why I don’t. No confidence as to what I should be doing. Knowing songs is great and knowing the scales as you taught in above video is really great, but how to use them live and in person. Thanks

  54. Back from Germany guys, ( and Nancy)
    I taught the class over there a solo for Man of Constant Sorrow and I promised them I’d video a lesson on it and share it with you guys.
    So, that’s the next lesson !
    The new Soloing on Sweet Georgia Brown lesson should be up there today so go ahead and get that so I can get myself a new Rolex. I get so tired of wearing the old ones I have. I’m sure you understand.

  55. I recorded it yesterday and I think it turned out pretty good/ It’s a blast to play !
    I’ll try to move the comment box but it’s pretty quick to just hit the PGDN key on the top right of the keyboard.

  56. Great Chris !!!! Tear it up.
    Pete I made the tracks myself by playing all the instruments. I want the best quality tracks for the lessons I sell.
    Bill, I was messing around with Miss The Mississippi And You yesterday and I LOVE playing it so it’s going up as a lesson even if no one but you buys it. It is such a cool tune. The chord changes are so much fun to play over.

  57. Thanks Bill…..”Miss the Mississippi and You” is a great old Jimmy Rodgers song written by Bill Hally. Doc does a bang up job on it as well as Emmylou Harris.
    Check out on YouTube people….It is perfect for the Dobro.

  58. Sweet Georgra Brown sounds great. Would like to get some enthusiasn for Miss the Misssissippi. those unfamiliar, doc Watson did a nice version. 3/4 time, this tune begs a slide

  59. Swing away !! We’ll be doing more swing after you guys absorb this one.
    Glad you like it everyone.
    There will be another improv lesson, in fact a couple more.
    I have a deal working with for an interactive video lesson program on their website. It’s called guitar sherpa.
    Flying down to set it up next month. I have a ton of prep work to do so I’ll continue to stay pretty busy.
    Check it out. of course I’m not on there yet but take a look and see what you think.

  60. Sweet Georgia Brown….swe-e-e-e-e-e-t!!!! This was truly worth the wait.
    Jimmy, if I can’t make it up from downunder to ResoSummit (one day though) like Corry, well Jimmy Heffernan’s Reso Lessons are definitely where it’s at!!!
    I like where you are taking us;-)



  61. Hi Jimmy, I didn’t get the last lesson email (just downloaded lesson now) so have re-subscribed. Thanks so much – you have been a great help – will see you at the ResoSummit in a few weeks.

  62. Thanks Jack and Nancy…. The new lesson is simpler than you might think. If you play the solo slow it’s not that hard to get.
    I will tell you that at the fast tempo it was hard to think ahead and not crash and burn.
    All those licks are stock G licks that good players use all the time.
    Have fun climbers !!

  63. That’s great about improvising on FMB

    I think all you needed to do was take the
    100 licks video you did showing how you
    added a lick into Foggy Mountain Breakdown,
    and then use it in a couple solos doing a freakin’
    barrage of other hot, nasty, jaw-dropping licks to
    complete the rest of the solo in that video.

    Just doing a transcripton of that one would
    be enough material to keep everyone happy
    for quite a while. I’ve heard all the top guys
    do FMB, but yours blows them away.

    It took me damn near 6 months to slow it
    down and piece it together bit by bit. I was
    really hating your guts there for a while, but
    when it came together and I used it in a few
    other solos, you were my buddy again!


  64. Well, I’m going in the studio today to record the solo I made up for “Foggy Mt Breakdown” from the “Go to” licks lesson and demonstrate how you can improvise starting with some of those licks.
    Next, I will be teaching Swing. Working up to a version and a solo of “Sweet Georgia Brown”.
    Hope that sounds good to everybody.
    It’s been a busy summer….sorry I have not been as active on the lessons.

  65. I just got “Scales and How To Use Them” and went through it. Immediately I can see how much simpler the instrument is to play. It was like turning on the lights in a dark room. I’m looking forward to spending more time with the lessons. Thank you for making it so simple to understand.


  66. Thanks Nancy,
    I found it out of curiosity and it is me. I forgot all about it.
    That’s a nice compliment ……All the is formation on how to do that is the :Major Scales and how to Use them” lesson. Mix in some left hand vibrato and you have it. Of course it never hurts to have a great singer and song to work with.
    Thank you !

  67. Jimmy you’ve challenged us in your lessons to remember why we wanted to learn this instrument and what sound drew us to learn…the playing on that song IS that sound for me. ~n~

  68. Chuck and Daryl, did you get an answer . Did you contact the Gregg ((the web guy) ?
    Nancy…I used to practice rolls with my picks on while driving tapping on the dashboard or on a chair arm.
    Bill…..I have to stay on Foggy for the next lesson. But some swing is high on the list. Could be next. Thanks for asking and you’re right. BSTAFM is chock full of swing, as is lots of Bluegrass.

  69. Great lessons Jimmy!! I’m trying to stay focused on just one or two tunes at a time!! I would be interested in a lesson on getting a swing sound. Some of the licks in the solo of Blues Stay Away made me think of that…

  70. working on the fwd/rev roll-keeping it clean but working on speed and feeling the burn in my right forearm ๐Ÿ™‚
    any tips for strength training while stuck at a desk for 8 hrs?

  71. Same problem with me too Jimmy.
    Used to be that download links (email and webpage) were almost instant after payment but now all I get are multiple emails telling me that the “order is pending and payment is required”. Could be your link with PayPal is the issue?? Hope you can fix it soon coz I’m looking forward to the Go to Licks.



  72. Hi Jimmy

    Same as the last poster. I tried to purchase the “Go To Licks”
    added to the cart, but nothing happened.

    You will have to get the website programmer (that you have locked in the cellar) and get a nice hickory switch to flog him with!

  73. Hi Jimmy, I have sent a message to the Webguy. I am unable to Checkout and buy the the lessons – It’s gone missing. You’ll never get the $$$$$Million at this rate!!!!

  74. Thanks Richard,
    I find that stuff both useful and interesting. I guess you don’t play this thing for 40 plus years without picking up some insight.
    Even me.
    New licks lesson coming today or tomorrow !
    Let’s work on how to improvise !
    Back to work in the Reso fields.

  75. If you’re not tired of all the praise and flattery – ha! – I really love the bits of history and lore you throw in to the lessons. I especially appreciate the musical references (Like in Blues Stay Away – mentioning phrases that are taken from other songs, or general swing or blues styles etc. This helps a ton in making sense of the arrangements, but most of all it reminds us that what we are playing is part of a musical tradition that crosses all instruments….it’s not just a collection of reso licks confined to the dobro.
    Keep it up!

  76. Needs a “like” feature – ala Facebook.
    Seriously-“mouth of the mountains” here is practicing on tone and bar control more and posting less ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. Thanks Pete….what Pete failed to mention when he said he was slow learner is that he is a world class aviator. I think that’s a little tougher than playing Fireball Mail.

  78. Hey everyone, I know I am preaching to the choir on this forum, but I just have to add my appreciation for Jimmy’s sincere efforts to bring his students into the real world of dobro playing. Not only are his new downloads first class, he is always ready to help with little playing difficulties, or in my case, not so little. I am a slow learner, but I am slowly getting it. My best results have been with Jimmy’s assistance. Thanks, Jimmy. And, keep it coming.

  79. Jimmy, you mention in your “how to play backup” DVD/lesson that our ears will learn to hear music from a totally new perspective. Well that has happened when I listened to several cd’s that I’d somewhat grown tired of. It was like hearing them for the very first time and not just the reso playing..all of the instruments plus the singing/harmonies. What a nice surprise! ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Thanks Corry…it’s only $10 if a bunch of people end up buying it. Do me solid and spread the word around the Dobro world.

    Richard, I wish I could make Dave’s memorial. I have to do something pretty important for my son. Dave was a real good bud and a whale of a person. I miss him.
    Just talked with Mike Auldridge today and he’s gonna be there and play a 10 minute solo set. If you can be there do it !!! NOT TO MISSED.

  81. Hey Jimmy, RE #88 “vibrato is covered in โ€œCommon Mistakesโ€ “, I had that one but hadn’t been through part 2. It’s a fabulous lesson. Trouble with stock piling lessons, I’ve got a bit of catching up to do. Will now start on BSAFM. Thanks, and keep ’em coming.

  82. Jimmy: No problem on the BSAFM lesson – the Web dude sent a corrected file. Lesson is cool and totally doable, not to worry. And one-stop shopping for bluesy G licks, as promised.
    BTW, I’m coming down on Sunday for the Dave memorial concert at the Birchmere – any chance you’ll be there (crutches and all?)
    Should be a great evening, and I hope a bit o’ jammin’.

  83. ๐Ÿ™ sorry Jimmy
    on the bright side-it’s summer and shoes are NOT required most of time ๐Ÿ™‚
    I know “shut up nancy-it hurts like the dickens”
    and it’s going to turn all sorts of pretty colors
    “shut up nancy”!
    this moment of comic relief was brought to you by a hillbilly!

  84. Richard…sorry for the trouble. They are really big files and if your computer is 8 years old and gummed up, you’ll have to jump through a few hoops.
    I hope it’s worth it.
    Nancy, you ought to be pickin with Ricky Scaggs by now !
    Thanks for the endorsement.

  85. Jimmy – Re Blues Stay Away – I haven’t worked with the actual lesson yet; I had a problem downloading it. I emailed the webmaster and hope to have it on my computer soon.
    Keep ’em coming!

  86. Good morning Jimmy. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was able to work with Blues part 1 this morning. LOTS OF FUN! And as usual, you are such a master teacher! AWESOME lesson! THANK YOU! ~n~

  87. I haven’t been able to watch the lesson yet, but here is what the crazy newbie thinks..THAT’S JUST AWESOME! and I totally want to learn to play like that and I figure I have the rest of my life to learn! That’s my chime in. ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. Thanks Richard……..The Schoonover has it’s thang and so does the MA 6. Basically the MA 6 is sweeter and the Schoonover has more growl with a tight bass. That’s the basic way I choose. If I want to be nasty I grab the Schoonover (not that it sounds nasty, it just responds to that type of playing)….the Ma 6 is more of an all round sound.
    I’ve also got a Harper that shreads !!! Nice stuff to have laying around the house.
    Richard… difficult is “Blues S A F M” ?
    I’m trying to get a feel for the level I should arrange these things at. Anyone else care to chime in ???

  89. Blues Stay Away is even cooler than I had hoped; blues is so great on the reso that I wouldn’t get tired of a gazillion lessons.
    BTW, I forget who the maker is of the guitar you’re using in these lessons. How do you decide whether to play your Beard or this one? My first impression is this reso is a little sweeter than the MA6 but doesn’t have quite the big bottom end. What do you think?

  90. Richard, do more laundry buddy. Blues Stay Away From Me is up now and Scales Part 2 is close behind it !
    Get it tonight and you’ll be playing it by Sunday in Church. ๐Ÿ™‚

  91. and @ richard…that’s really funny about the money laundering for reso products and lessons…thanks for the great idea!! (they just don’t understand!) LOL!

  92. FYI, “Your Cheatin’ Heart” is now “Your Tweetin’ Heart” in honor of Rep. Weiner. Ha! Or as Maureen Dowd said in her NYTimes column, “Tweetin’ Ain’t Cheatin'”
    Just got “Solo Dobro” and very excited about working some of these tunes up – love the “Rainbow” – “Wonderful World” medley though miss the bridge not being there. So far I’ve managed to launder the money I’m spending on your products so my wife doesn’t know.

    BTW, I just got an MA6 that Mike picked out for me from the most recent litter. It’s the new subtle “tobacco sunburst” finish and is gorgeous. The tone is so big and responsive that it really amplifies bar sounds and fingerpick touches – all the more reason to work on Common Mistakes.
    Thanks for continuing to sherpa us up the North Face, man.

  93. Is it wrong to use the pinkie for the chimes rather than the ring finger? I am using a Shubb steel with the hardwood curve since the flatter ones were cramping my index finger when it was extended-thus the pinkie feels more natural for laying on the strings to get the chime…just wondering. It chimes!

  94. Off to record Scales 2 and Blues Stay Away from me tomorrow morning. Be on the look out over the weekend for one or both.

    BTW is anyone in need of any extra help on anything ? As I record these lessons I can also record short clips of help. Basically the answer will be Listen, Short Small Bites, Loop, Practice Slowly.

  95. Good morning Jimmy. Hope your heart is happy today. I just purchased the Strobo-Clip tuner from your .net country store..AND your Harmonics/Chimes lesson. This is the case-in-point on how inspired your lessons are…one lesson subtly leads to the next and so on.
    I purchased your “Scratch” and “Solo” DVD’s back when the snow was flying..just so I could learn to play “Rest” someday. Meanwhile, working on example 18 of Danny Boy..woke up with it playing in my head. ~n~
    (part 2 makes me giggle whenever the examples change-funny stuff Jimmy)

  96. Just kidding around Corry of course “)

    Working on the address thang..I don’t need the info. It’s just in the program and I can’t get rid of it. There may be a new way I can do this so PLEASE hang in there. I do know it’s a pain.
    Corry…… vibrato is covered in “Common Mistakes” may not need the whole lesson but I’d pay the $20 just to learn that. It’s been a life changer for me and is KEY to making simple phrases sound HUGE………
    Pretty poor gig tonight, long drive and the band was loud, and I have to get up early to take care of my grandson.
    Scales 2 and Blues Stay Away From Me are going to be recorded on Friday if I can get enough prep time before then.
    Nancy…..means the world to me that you like “Rest”. I like it too.
    I hope you guys can play it and get the trill I dd when I first put it all together.
    Good night my wonderful friends.

  97. Corry that makes me smile-I was a super newbie guitar student working on chords and calluses and this dobro just called my name one day-it’s dictated a room remodel just so it can be out of the case-and I love the idea of patting it every day.

    And Jimmy, in my search for a teacher to guide me on this new journey, I happened on your YouTube of “Where I’ll Take My Rest”-I was hooked. ๐Ÿ™‚

  98. Hey Jimmy, How about a lesson on vibrato. I love to watch your fingers working those strings!!!!!

    And Nancy, further to your question a Japanese dobro player once said to me – “You’ve got to pat it every day” . So leave your dobro out of it’s case, somewhere where you walk past it every day, then you can pick it up when ever you feel like it for a few minutes and give it a pat!!!! O.K. – now I’ll keep quiet for a bit!!!

  99. Hey THANKS Corry-that’s pretty much answers my questions. Very interesting and informative site.

    And Jimmy, the answer to your question is because your lessons and arrangements are so inspired. ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Hi Jimmy. The pick blocking lesson is fantastic. You make every thing so much easier. One of the first things I learnt to do. Wish I had the lesson 3 years ago. Would’ve been so much easier.

  101. Hey Jimmy, How about putting a login on your website so we don’t have to retype our address details. Make it easier to hit purchase submit button and easier to buy – better for you.

  102. Thanks so much Jimmy. Apologies for the lack of revenue #81. But you are the best when it comes to Dobro teaching! I’ll just have to order more of your lessons to make up for it!!!!

  103. Hi Nancy, IMHO Take a break from longer sessions, but still do short sessions to help keep your muscle memory.
    “15 minutes of correct practise will do more good than 5 hours of incorrect, unintelligent practise”.
    This is from a book by Jamie Andreas “The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar”. If you can find a copy, it’s well worth reading. She gives tools and understandings to eliminate frustration that accompanies practising. It’s not a lesson book on guitar playing as such – more about the philosophy of practise and playing which I have found is also relevant to the reso. She has a website – – and it has a lots of good free articles and she also is on YouTube. It really helped me. I hope it will be of some use to you and others as well.
    Corry – The Dixie Boiler form Australia.

  104. Hey Jimmy, I have a serious question to pose to you and anyone else out there-it’s about the “process” of learning. What is better when the process stalls-to keep pushing on it or allow it to rest? Like bread dough-when it pushes back while kneading it, that’s the time to let it rest and incubate. Does the learning regress if it’s rested or will it resume where it left off? Or is it better to just keep pushing it no matter what? There are many studies on the learning process but you’ve witnessed first hand as I’m sure have others what the better method is. I know time and dedication are major factors as is persistance-but is there an “inner” incubation factor as well? And of course the gist of this question is based on me not only learning techniques but music as a language all at the same time. I don’t want to fry any circuits but I am reluctant to accept a stall in the learning process either. Any words of wisdom from you or anyone else is greatly appreciated.
    ~nancy the hillbillyknitter~

  105. Working with Common Mistakes today..and really into it..I must be driving hubby and critters nuts with the repetition…they all just left the a Blue Moon and back to it! There’s work to be done here! Quite the taskmaster Jimmy! ~n~

  106. Hi Jimmy

    Although it’s great learning new licks, songs and Reso tricks, one thing that is rarely taught is band/jam dynamics and etiquette.
    When I’m playing with a band or just jamming, I know who I want to play with again because they understand what goes on in the group setting.
    Things like doing fills and letting someone else do them next. Learning backup and chucking which is probably 80 -90% of a tune with lyrics and a whole bunch of other “should and should not” things that determines if people will ever want to play with you again.
    I love going head to head with good banjo or fiddle players, but not if they are relentless and only think they are the center of attention.
    Damn, this post has gone on too long! Anyway, Your years of playing with the best in the world has taught you how to be a wanted player, so you would have valuable advice for the beginner and intermediate on how to be involved and be welcomed back.
    That could be a great lesson to teach after the 38 other projects you have going on.


  107. OK then troops, we have our marching orders.
    Nancy, thanks for the great feedback. Looks like you heeded the mantra “If you follow these words of wisdom you get there a lot faster”.

  108. oh wow! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m speechless. It’s just you are such an amazing teacher Jimmy. Not everyone can teach this obsessive instrument and I am learning it..thanks to YOU! (do I really ask for a lot? ~ guess that’s just a girl thang) I’m LOVING Ashoken’s making sense…and now working on playing it super clean. Who but YOUR lessons could do that with a newbie? (and make us laugh at the squirming) Well I guess I’m not that speechless afterall! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  109. Jimmy……. is “Blues Stay Away” and “Blues stay away from Me” the same song?……. Martin Gross has a good version of “Blues stay away from Me”……. but I don’t know what key.

  110. Well then I’ll do “Blues Stay Away” then. I played it a number of times and seem to recall it’s in E. I know I did play it with Charlie Louvin in F. What key you guys want it in ?
    Richard…G6 tuning might not have the broad appeal I need to put the time in for Cheatin Heart. Takes over 2 days to put one of these together. So I need a bunch of people to buy the lesson.
    I don’t know though….How many of you would want that tune and in G6th tuning ? (4th string tuned up from D to E)

  111. Hey Jimmy, thanks for Ashoken farewell or however ya spell it. Another two or three hundred trips through and I may be able to play it along with my Fiddle Fever CD version. Keep ’em comin’! Bob aka Mongo

  112. I’m ordering the scales lesson and Ashoken Farewell – I remember that from the documentary series. Any chance of doing “Your Cheatin’ Heart” sometime?

  113. Richard in Boston ….
    No, I let them ring and pick block the top 2 strings when I get to the “A” at the end of the first half of the melody.
    Right at 1:18 on the YouTube preview.
    Glad you’re enjoying the lesson. It;s a fun tune to play and makes good Dobro music.

  114. Dear JH – I’m working on your super Angeline Baker lesson; here’s a question. Are you pick-blocking the open strings in the first couple of phrases which are essentially backward and forward arpeggios? I’m have difficult keeping the open strings from ringing through.
    Many thanks, dude.
    richard in boston

  115. Great website, Jimmy. Good luck with it!!
    I am working on your “Turkey” and “scales” lessons. I would be interested in more lessons that involve rolls. A lesson showing the old timey style would be interesting too (Josh Graves type of stuff).

  116. Hey Jimmy! YAY FOR DANNY BOY. And I’m “in” for Blues Stay Away From Me too. I just got my new Mac! :):):)-so ready to start getting some lessons. Maybe I won’t be such a pain for your WebGuy when I download now. haha- but ya’ll have been awesome in the help for the damsel in distress dept.

  117. I just have to say that “Common Mistakes” = the best $20 I have ever spent! Highly recommended for anyone, because, as JH says, the little things that go into clean playing, without unwanted noise, are the secret to resomusicianship. Great technical tips, plus words of wisdom, i.e., focus your practice in a very narrow range and get it perfect.
    richard in boston

  118. Thanks Daryl…I’ve been working on Scales “Part Two ” tonight.
    Takes a couple days of planning…..
    Humm “Blues Stay Away” …If I can get a couple more requests for it we can get done.
    Back to work

  119. Jimmy, โ€œBlues Stay Away From Meโ€ would be good with me, also anything swingy?

    Great scales lesson by the way, looking forward to part two.



  120. Danny Boy is next Hubert. I’ll see about “Blues Stay Away From Me”. I have pick songs that have high appeal value. It take about 2 whole days to get one of the 1/2 hour lessons made and ready for download. So I have to be sure enough folks want a particular song.

  121. Hey Jimmy ……I’ll vote for “Danny Boy”, and by the way…. “Blues stay away from Me”…. would that be a song on your list for the future?

    Thanks Hubert Rogers

  122. Thanks Rich and Al….
    Rich…I do get into that at length in “Mistakes”.
    And Jack….There will be just such lessons as soon as I can get to it. I think I’m gonna start with “John Hardy”.
    In the meantime “Turkey in the Straw” works like that.
    Check it out.

  123. Hey Jimmy….just downloaded “The Great Speckled Bird”. The quality of the video is awsome. I have been playing the tune for a couple of years but wanted to polish it up a bit. Can’t wait to play the spiced up version at our next jam session. Keep up the great work.


  124. Hey Jimmy – Had a couple classes with you at Reso-Summit a few years back. Really digging the Angelina Baker lesson – as you say, some good-to-know D licks, and overall nice arrangement.
    Don’t know if you get into this in “Common Mistakes” but I can never get enough instruction on damping, pick-blocking etc. Especially damping or blocking in hammer-on/pull-off runs. Just a thought.
    thanks, man

  125. Hi Jimmy

    Perhaps after finishing Asohkan and the many requests you have for licks and things, you could start a section for “Jimmy’s Jam Time Barn-Burners”.
    You would take popular fast bluegrass instrumentals and do your video teaching magic.

    It would be great to have these in 2 solos. Part one would be intermediate and part two would be advanced. The advanced would have the other musicians saying ” how did you do that?” ( Or maybe they would say, ” he’s off his medication again, isn’t he?”)

    Either way, having these typical head-turning jam tunes with summer and serious pickin’ time coming up, would be so excellent!


  126. This is OFF TOPIC-@ Bob Bailey: are you from Patterson, NJ? If you remember records and turntables, that puts you in the correct generation-we are looking for a 1st cousin to the DuBois family from Patterson.

    Sorry Jimmy, I just saw the name and have to check. ๐Ÿ™‚

  127. Just wanted to say “hey” and keep em comin’! Remember when you used to learn a song off a record and move the arm back over and over again , and put a quarter on the arm to keep it from skipping cause ya wore the grooves off the record tryin to get it down? This is much better.

  128. Awesome Jimmy! Thanks. I’m looking forward to both of them…also wading thru “Common Mistakes”. Oh my! Guess who totally needed that lesson!!! ~n~

  129. Hey Jimmy!
    I just want to tell you how amazing it is now that the fretboard is starting to make sense-not such a mystery. THANK YOU again for making these lessons available.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ ~nancy~

  130. Jimmy,
    LAUGH-you said it was, but it wasn’t till I flipped the laptop over and watched from over your shoulder could I “see” it. On the 3rd viewing and actually played along a lil bit this morning. YIPPEE! Trying to not “over-think” it but whew..there’s a lot of info pouring forth. ~n~

  131. Jack,
    Thanks for the kind words bud. There is an A lick in the free ones section BTW.
    Actually I plan on doing pretty much that. I’m just gonna jam over one chord and tab it out. Switch to another chord then tab that out etc.
    Keep em comin folks !!

  132. Hi Jimmy

    I sure appreciated all the great lessons you taught in Sorrento Canada a couple years ago, especially the one-on-one lessons I got from you. It was an honor sir!

    You’re 100 licks DVD is IMHO, the premier video.
    How about adding to it? For instance you can take the chord “A” and do maybe 10, or 20 new cools licks and upload them. Ones that weren’t in the original 100 licks. Then do the same for each chord.

    It would be great to have an army of new hot licks to beat down the fiddle and banjo players with!


  133. Good Morning Nancy…thanks, I make myself laugh at some of the stuff I do. But there’s nothing funny about a slow computer.
    You really should get a new one for these lessons if you can. It will make your download experience much more pleasant.
    We’re working on streamlining the downloads so they don’t take as long and the quality remains high.
    Ashoken Farewell is the next one up per request and then Danny Boy and some swing !
    Keep those cards and letters comin folks !

  134. Good morning Jimmy. Downloading your “scales & how to use them” lesson onto my very slow computer. Think I’ll hit hubby up for a newer/faster one so I can get more of your lessons. Sound like a plan? Seriously, I have learned SO MUCH from your DVD’s-not just playing, but understanding. Thanks. You are a great teacher..and funny make us laugh out loud which is a good thing. OH-DOWNLOAD COMPLETE! ๐Ÿ™‚

  135. Thanks Jimmy. (and Wayne) Key of D is great. And no hurry-hopefully there will be some more interest. In the meantime, you’ve got some great lessons out there!

  136. I’ll second the request for Danny Boy. Another one I’d like to learn on the reso is Ashokan Farewell. I’ts a favorite at a jam that I go to and haven’t a clue how to play it.


  137. Nancy,
    I already have a full list for next week but I will put it on for one of the next. Can you rally some support from others who want it. I love the tune but if there’s only you who’ll buy it… get it.
    What key ? “D” ?
    Turkey In The Straw coming this week, some pretty hot licks !

  138. Hey Jimmy, can I place a request please? I’d like to learn to play ‘Oh Danny Boy’ – can you put up a lesson for that? I can pick out the melody but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten…something to bring a tear to the eyes ( not the ears-lol- of the listeners) Thanks in advance!

  139. Thanks guys (and girls of course). I love when people “get” the stuff I’m teaching. It’s a real kick to help make you guys (and girls) better players.

    Spread the word if you like what you’re learning.
    Also I’ll be checking here to help if you need it.
    Happy Easter !!!!

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