User Guide/FAQ

How are the lessons delivered?

When you purchase a lesson, you will be redirected to a download page. If you are not, there will be an email sent to you as well that has a link to download your lesson. Your download link will work for 5 downloads in case you are interrupted or get an error.

You will download a compressed .zip file. These are BIG files so please be patient.
Download the file and then decompress or unzip to extract the files to your local drive.
Make sure your file is fully downloaded before you try and unzip.

If you are not familiar with the unzipping/decompressing process, see this unzipping guide for Windows 10 (or earlier),
or this app for iPad: iZip
or StuffIt Expander  (free download for Mac).

The zip file will contain the following:

  1. Video lesson (.m4v file)
  2. Tablature file:  The tab is in PDF format.  Download free Adobe Reader here if you do not have installed.
  3. MP3 file(s): Fast and slow versions of the rhythm tracks used in the video. Slow songs only have the one slow track.
  4. Some lessons only have video & tab with no mp3, or just video. This is noted in the description of each.

What format are the videos? What software should I use to play them?

The videos are in .m4v format. We recommend playing them with either Quicktime or Real Player.
Both can be downloaded for free from the links below:

QuickTime is for Windows or Mac.

RealPlayer is intended only for Windows (but there is a Mac version here)

(files will play with Windows Media Player, but the quality suffers, better to use one of the above)


What if I’m still not having any luck?

If you’ve tried all of the above, then contact the WebGuy.

Video Dobro® Lessons taught by the Resophonic Sherpa